• Thanks so much for the controller! The VCI-100 SE arrived well yesterday here in Belgium, and I'm rocking da house with it right now! :-) — this really adds another dimension to Traktor usage. NI should hire you guys! ;-) Thanks and please keep up this good work!

    Gunther Beersaerts - Belgium
  • Sat the whole weekend in my factory doing all the mods and its turned out awesome. I'm super happy with everything. You can depend on my continued support. Thanks again for your valued service.

    Kris Biddle - New Zealand
  • You guys really are the shit and am taking it upon myself to punt your site and products while showing off my new gear and tricks at my gigs this summer season. Thanks again. You guys really have made me happy and are such a great example to the rest of the net and DJs out there.

    Adrian aka Sarasin
  • I would like to thank you all for the professional service (and thanks for the t-shirt by the way...) I can tell you that the new firmware kit I received worked like a charm (even with usb cable) Once again THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SERVICE!!!!

    Yves Stroobants
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful, meaningful & educational community of yours. Its a running resource for a newbie like me. Thank you once again for providing me such an opportunity and looking forward to connect to lot of great people. Lets Rock!!!

    Dj Peri - India
  • Just wanted to thank you for this page and for your teachings and techniques. I started DJing in 97 stopped around 2002 in NJ and NYC. I have been lurking on these message boards and your articles for a few years now. Own a VCI-100 SE as well as an Upgraded VCI-100 with overlay. Your articles have breathed new life into DJing and has re-awoken the beast inside. My friend and I rocked out a 13 hour rooftop party on Saturday in NYC and had a blast. The people loved it. I represented with the techtools t-shirt and will get some picks to you as soon as I can. Thanks so much for being the Genius that you are!!!

    Mark Rossi - NYC
  • I'm really impressed with the upgrade and already it's causing a stir with fellow DJ's on the Isle of Man – no doubt you should be getting a few more hits on the website from this tiny isle soon.

    Matthew Bruce
  • Thanks for helping me find my way home. Mostly I want to thank you for introducing me to controlism because this is my biggest passion in life. I just didn't know other people did it or that there was a name for it. So finally it seems I've found my way home and I am ordering a VCI 100 on Monday morning. I've been working with Traktor for years so I have a head start. I will definitely keep en eye on your website and I just want to show my appreciation for what you do. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

    Emil Brikha
  • This is absolutley one of the coolest "toys" ever made Ean, I'm even mixing while I write this! Thank you so for making this possible, once again my deepest respect!

    Rune Dürr Kvisgård